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Your Residency and Fellowship Applicant Evaluation Solution


Each application is a world in itself: a rich source of insight into the applicant’s journey, motivations, aspirations, and character. The problem? There just isn’t enough time to read them all. Pulling out these insights would take dozens or hundreds of hours, and that’s before interview invites even go out. With no other realistic option, programs must rely on crude numeric cutoffs and heuristics to narrow their applicant pools.

With Halsted, every application is comprehensively read, absorbed, and considered. No single weakness spells doom, and no applicant can rely on a single strength. Your valuable interview invitations are sent to the candidates most thrilled to receive them.


Why do 10% of applicants hold 30% of interviews? Why do 25% of applicants hold 50% of interviews?

If all programs are forced to rely on the same blunt screening cutoffs, it’s no surprise that they interview the same candidates. Halsted doesn’t try to tell you what you should value in an applicant. Instead, you teach Halsted what you value--and then it carefully looks for those qualities in each application. Halsted was built to help you find the applicants uniquely suited to your program.

A candidate is described as ‘sensitive’ - compliment, candor, or chauvinism?

The risk of bias is everywhere. It lurks in performance evaluations, reference letters, and even between reviewers. With Halsted, review is standardized: analyzing, displaying, and enabling correction for bias at every stage.


Get dozens of hours back and banish the October crunch.

Imagine this: Screening season finished before breakfast. First interview invite ready by lunch. The October crunch is a distant memory, and you’ve spared your applicants weeks of agonizing waiting.

Halsted reads applications over 1000 times faster than a human reviewer. That’s potentially hundreds of hours you can devote to reading applicants’ publications, calling up their letter writers, or returning to the numerous other tasks on your to-do list.

About Us

Medicratic was conceived in the minds of two medical students who looked at the cumbersome process of the Match and wondered how it could be better for both students and programs. By partnering with tech professionals and residency programs, we are bringing the speed and efficiency of tech to the process, giving everyone freedom to focus on the medicine.

Alexander Thomson, MSc

Alex is a medical student at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania where he was the first applicant in institutional memory to be accepted without a US/Canadian degree. Originally from London, England, he moved to the US for work after obtaining his Master’s in Epidemiology from the University of Oxford.

He is passionate about all things data: in particular, the fascinating, yet often counter-intuitive insights that machine-learning techniques can reveal at scale.

Tanner Mitton

Tanner is a medical student at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. His college education in economics motivates him to find data-driven solutions to all kinds of problems--including the cumbersome residency application process. Previous projects include analysis of legislation and the potential effects of interview caps on the Match.

When he isn't rounding on patients or finding answers from numbers, he likes to read books and build castles with his three children.

Ryan Elder

Ryan comes to Medicratic following years of experience in cybersecurity with an emphasis in penetration testing, threat analysis, and software development. Following a spontaneous introduction to medicine, he has become passionate about using computer science to ease the burden on doctors and improve equity.

Outside of coding, Ryan is passionate about baking the perfect pastry and spending as much time as possible outside in nature.

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